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乳癌とGonadal Hormoneの関連性に関する研究 第1編 乳癌ラットのGonadal Hormoneについて

Sho, Tatuo
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Gonadotropin was assessed using radioimmunoassay on the rat sera of DMBA-induced breast cancer and tissue obtained from DMBA-induced rat breast cancer. In the above materials, there were no significant differences in the amount observed between control group and nontreated groups, ovariectomized and adrenalectomized animals. After removal of the both ovaries and adrenal glands, the rats were given estradiol followed by lutenizing hormone-releasing hormone. In these treated animals' sera, the level of lutenizing hormone was elevated markedly. Concerning the organ uptake of (125)I-lutenizing and follicle stimulating hormones after their intraperitoneal injections, one found the highest distribution of these hormones in the kidney and liver and in lesser degree, in the DMBA-induced rat breast cancer tissue and ovary.