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Inoue, Kentaro
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Amount of exposure of air pollutants to three persons (A, B and C) lived in different places and life times was measured by personal air sampler. The results obtained as follows. 1) Amount of dust exposed to A showed the highest level among A, B and C, as A was stayed at business room in which atmosphere showed high level of dust for 6-7 hours. 2) The amount of NO(2) exposed to C showed the highest level, as C was exposed to atmosphere on places and traffic roads, showing high level of NO(2) derived from industry and measured by monitoring station, and from the exhaust. 3) Amount of air pollutants exposed to B showed the lowest level of air pollutants, as B stayed in the room with windows opened and was exposed to atmosphere of the lowest level of air pollutants at his measuring days. 4) From above results, it was estimated that the amounts of air pollutants exposed to each persons could be measured by personal sampler.