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環境汚染物質(重金属など)の生体膜に対する作用 第3報 カドミウムとルテニウムレッドの相互作用,特にミトコンドリアの酸化的リン酸化反応に対して

Hasegawa, Tohoru
Nogami, Yusaku
Ogata, Masana
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The mutual effects of Cd(2+) and ruthenium red on rat liver mitochondrial energy transfer reaction are described. In results, ruthenium red recovered the depression of the oxidative phosphorylation induced by Cd(2+). Ruthenium red suppressed the K(+) release induced by Cd(2+). As the binding site of the Cd(2+) have other than the binding site of ruthenium red, the site of ruthenium red is greatly related with the inhibitory effect of Cd(2+) and this site is similar to the binding site of Ca(2+).