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リンパ球膜の抗原性に関する研究 第2編 マウス感作実験

Kobashi, Hidehiro
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Further investigation concerned on the antigenicity of the lymphocyte membrane was performed in this paper using C57B1 mice and purified lymphocyte membranes which were preparated from either calf thymic lymphocyte (TM) or bovine intestinal lymphnode lymphocyte (LM). The detail of the methods for the purification of lymphocyte membrane were described in the part Ⅰ of this article. Intraperitoneal injection of 5, 10 or 100γ of lymphocyte membrane was performed once a week untill 5 weeks. The peripheral blood pictures, diameter of lymphocyte, histological studies on the thymus, lymphnode and spleen, serum protein electrophoresis, immunoelectrosyneresis, RFC and PHA reactivity were examined in these immunized mice. The lymphocytes both in the peripheral blood and lymphatic organs were diminished profoundly in the mice immunized with TM. Especially the lymphocytes in the T dependent area of spleen and lymphnode as well as in the cortical area of the thymus decreased intensively in contrasting with a decrease of B cell area of spleen and lymphnode in the mice immunized with LM. The lymphocyte depletion in the lymphoid organs of the mice immunized with 100γ LM had a similar pattern to those of mice immunized with TM indicating the contamination of TM into the LM preparation up to approximately 6-8%. Temporary increase of α1-globulin, α2-globulin and α3-globulin in this order was noted in serum of the mice immunized with TM, being followed by hypergammaglobulinemia. On the other hand an increase of α3-globulin and then of γ-globulin appeared rapidly in the mice immunized with LM. The discrepancies on the tissue reaction and protein fraction of these two groups suggested the difference of antigenicity between TM and LM on the activation of antibody-forming system.