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Suwa, Kiichi
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The arterial wall is all consisted of the chain of fibroblasts that run stereoscopically crisscrossing with each other in the Archimedes spiral formation, as viewed from the upper surface, originating from the endothel cells in the initial embryonic stage, and also with the heterogenous fibroblasts that continue in the same spiral direction. The endothel cells form the elastic prefibers of the subendothelial layer, while the fibroblasts of tunica media which form Archimedes spiral, construct elastic and collagenous fibers and transform into smooth muscle cells. On the other hand, heterogenous fibroblasts construct collagenous and elastic fibers of tunica adventitia. This chain of the smooth muscle cells of tunica media that retains Archimedes spiral, as viewed from the upper surface, is the muscular-type artery and the one that has differentiated and each smooth muscle cells have bridged between elastic membranes is the elastic-type artery.