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細胞分裂抑制物質肝コルニンの研究 1. L細胞の形態と付着性に及ぼす肝コルニンの影響

Doi, Akitaka
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Effects of mitotic inhibitor on the growth of L cells, cell adhesion, cell motility and morphological change were examined. Obtained results are as follows; 1. Cornin or chalone diminishes the rate of cell adhesion to glass. This effect, however, is not observed in the case of colchicine or vinblastine. 2. The relationship of the inhibitory effect of cornin is observed between cell growth and cell adhesion. 3. Colchicine or vinblastine transforms the cells from fibroblast-like to epithelial-like, increases the polynucleated cells and inhibits cell locomotion. However cornin or chalone rounds up the cells and detaches from glass, and yields no polynucleated cells.