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犬同種腎移植後の急性拒絶反応に対する診断と治療に関する研究 第2編 メチルプレドニン大量投与の効果と移植腎組織所見の相関について

Tanaka, Kohki
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For the acute rejection after kidney homotransplantation in dogs when 20 mg/kg/day of MPSS (methylprednisolone) had been administered for 3 days, serum creatinine recovered from 3.4 mg/dl to 2.4 mg/dl, and the rejection was successfully inhibited in 13 cases (93%) out of 14. By histological findings 4 out of 6 cases showed a marked improvement of cell infiltration, 2 cases a slight improvement, and there was not a single case showing any increase of cell infiltration. As the complication of MPSS administration, there could be observed pneumonia and hemorrhage in the upper alimentary canal. Pneumonia occurred in 4 cases (29%) out of 14, of them 3 cases (21%) died from pneumonia. Hemorrhage in the upper alimentary canal was observed in 2 cases (14%) of the 14 studied.