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慢性関節リウマチにおける金療法に関する研究 第二編 金塩の間脳―下垂体―副腎皮質系に及ぼす影響

Oohara, Atushi
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The influence of gold salt on the hypothalamo-hypophyseo-adrenocortical (PHA) function was studied experimentally and clinically. The following results were obtained.1) The food intake of mature female CBA mice injected with gold thioglucose (GTG) increased significantly before a body weight increase and the level of plasma comp. B increased temporarily compared to control subjects. 2) The plasma comp. B level in mature female rabbit reached a peak at 2 or 3 days after an injection of gold sodium thiomalate (GTM). 3) Urinary 17 KGS of RA patients injected GTG or GTM increased temporarily at accumulation dose of about 140mg of total gold salt. 4) By PHA function test in RA patients, endocrine system abnormalities may originate at a more anatomical cranial site than hypophysis. 5) The response of the ACTH-Z, metopirone, LVP and insulin test were more higher than in RA patients before chrysotherapy than in the same patients after chrysotherapy. 6) These results suggest that the PHA system was stimulated by gold salt. This response was one of the pharmacological actions of gold salt but it was not anti-rheumatic action in RA.