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ポリプロピレン花莚織従業者についての2, 3の調査 第2報 (冬期における調査)

Okamoto, Tadashi
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In Report Ⅰ, the survey performed on the polypropylene fancy-mat workers in Seno-cho in summer was reported. And the following survey in winter was made on the same subjects on January in 1971. The results obtained were as follows: 1) It was found that 57.6% of the subjects worked for over ten hours a day, and this percentage was higher than in summer. 2) The number of subjective fatigue complaints offered by the workers was smaller in winter. 3) The number of the workers with high values in Donaggio's test of urine was increased in winter. 4) The incidence of low specific gravity of whole blood was higher because of longer working hours in winter. 5) Most of the cases of anemia were found in female workers (aged 28 to 52). These were iron deficiency hypochrome anemia. In these cases, it was observed that after recovery, the hemoglobin content of erythrocytes increased, while that there was no change in the number of erythrocytes.