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Kimura, Ikuro
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Mass X-ray surveys for detecting lung cancer were conducted by our research group since 1967. Thirty-two cases of lung cancer (16.5/100,000) were detected in 1973 and 56 cases (24.4/100,000) in 1974. Chemotherapeutic effects were examined on 167 lung cancer cases from our hospital records from 1963 to 1973. The effective cases of chemotherapy apparently survived longer compared with ineffective cases. Cases after 1969 with sufficient chemotherapy were reviewed for survival compared to cases before 1968. Our combined FOBEM therapy (5FU, vincristine, Bleomycin, cyclophosphamide and Mitomycin C) showed a high percentage of survival in comparison with the earlier single-agent administration. In lung cancer patients the FOBEM protocol or Ifosfamide massive intermittent therapy is recommended. The use of either of these two methods resulted in higher survival of small cell cancer cases compared to cases treated prior to FOBEM treatment. Patients on chemotherapy combined with radiotherapy survived longer compared to patients on chemotherapy alone. Survival of lung cancer patients was prolonged by immuno-chemotherapy with a streptococcal agent.