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Yamamoto, Michio
Sugita, Katsuhiko
Aono, Kaname
Okada, Naoko
Ehara, Kazuhiko
Takagi, Hisao
Iida, Sosuke
Orita, Kunzo
Kaneda, Shoken
Kondo, Keiji
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With advance in the double irridigoradiographic technique the detection of early gastric cancer has markedly increased. However, early gastric cancer of superficial depressive type on the greater curvature, because of the difficulty in its discovery due to the specificity of its site and its low incidence, seems to be relatively rare. In spite of this rarity, recently we encountered superficial depressive cancers at the corpus, the angulus and the antrum one each at respective site, about which we reported with some comments on each.