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ステロイドホルモンの脂質代謝及び糖質代謝への影響に関する研究 第一編 ステロイド糖尿病の臨床的観察について

Kikuchi, Takehisa
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SD was seen in 40 (7.8%) out of the 511 Patients who had been treated with glucocorticoid hormon (GCH); most frequently in the patients with leukemia (13 cases) followed by aplastic anemia (12 cases). Incidence of SD was 29.3% in aplastic anemia, 25.0% in hemolytic jaundice, 22.2% in other blood dyscrasias, 11.8% in bronchial asthma and 11.3% in leukemia. The following factors were apparently related to elicit high incidence of SD; the age ranged from 51 to 60 years old, an averaged total dose given corticosteroids was 1666.7mg, an averaged period during which GCH has been given was 83.5 days and an averaged total amout of blood transfusion was 4138.8mg In the cases manifestign SD, 50g glucose tolerance test (GTT) has shown always diabetic type and (immuno-reactive insulin (IRI) has displayed usually hyperresponse and delayed type of response curves. Concerning the serum lipids, level of the cholesterol was often elevated and an increase of palmitic and a decrease of linoleic acid were revealed in percentage composition of total fatty acids.