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Nakamura, Fumio
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In order to evaluate the effectiveness of public health activities in the community, the methods of calculating crude death rate, standardardized or corrected death rate are available, for it is important to measure the effect from a specific disease to the population of the community and the goals of public health activities are, in general, to decrease deaths from specific diseases. However, these rates are not absolute indicators, because they are influenced by age distribution of the population and/or by the standardized population used. Life-table based on the death rate from a specific desease is of great importance, showing the influence of the disease on a certain population without any other death. The author has deviced a new method to calculate life-table by deaths of a specific disease, which is much easier than the methods by Lotka, Wiesler, Greville and Farr. Comparison between his new method and the others has been discussed, showing the examples of several specific diseases in our country.