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Sekiba, Kaoru
Kobayashi, Sumio
Uno, Akira
Matsuoka, Michiya
Akiyama, Jitsuo
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Diagnostic value for ovarian tumor with Contact Compound Scope of the ultrasonic tomography is discussed. The size and localization of the tumor are relatively easy to determin with ultrasonic equipment but characteristics of the tumor, particularly benign or maligmant, has not been clarified. In this paper, tomographic patterns of vorious solid (Cystoadenocarcinoma, Granulosa cell tumor and Dysgerminoma) and cystic (Cystoadenoma and Dermoid cyst) tumors are demonstrated. Differential diagnosis to determin malignant or not was still difficult to obtain conclusive result but it was possible to diagnose solid one or not by the method.