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放射線照射動物に於る肝脂質構成高級脂肪酸比の変動に関する一考察 第1編 放射線照射動物に於る脂肪酸合成の変化について

Morino, Yasuo
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In our experiments of fatty acid biosynthesis in vivo with mice given whole-body irradiation of 600R using acetate-1-(14)C, we studied the amounts of (14)CO(2) exhaled, specific activity of total lipids, and activities of each fatty acid fraction of the liver, and obtained the results as follows. 1) It has been found that at early stage after irradiation the majority of acetate is utilized in oxidation and the part used in the biosynthesis is less, in the irradiated animals than in controls. 2) In these irradiated animals the biosynthesis of palmitoleic acid and stearic acid is relatively inhibited.