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農民及び漁民の健康調査 第3編 健康度評価について

Sunami, Shigeo
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In order to know the difference of health between peasants and fishermen, health surveys were carried out at two districts, Yoshino District, a farming country, and Kurosaki District of a fishing country, in Okayama Prefecture. There are many methods for health evaluation reported by many investigators. In this study a kind of health evaluation was tried in these regions by the results of the clinical examination, blood examination, urinarysis, flicker, questionaires about fatigue and Nofu-disease. The results are briefly described as follows, 1) It was revealed that the constitution evaluated by stature, body weight and girth of chest of the fishermen was superior to those of the peasants, while the vital capacity proved to be the reverse. 2) The seasonal changes in the specific gravity of whole blood were found to be paralleled with those in the body weight. 3) The seasonal changes in the body weight in Yoshino-peasants were less than those in the fishermen. 4) The correlation of the blood contents between first and second examiantions was high in males, but low in females. 5) A correlation of the blood contents between man and wife was recognized. 6) The seasonal and diurnal changes in urinary protein in peasants were different from those in fishermen. 7) The GOT levels in peasants in summer were higher than those in autumn. 8) The method for health evaluation was tried by fatigue evaluating equation and by calculating the score from 10 kinds of examination results. 9) There was the evidence of skewness in frequency distribution of hemoglobin concentration and specific gravity of the whole blood with both groups of men and women.