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糖尿病の集団検診と発見患者の家系調査 第3報 発見された糖尿病患者の病型と予後

Okuma, Yoshifumi
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Examining for five years, mainly the change of patterns of cases who revealed positiveness on sugar, and considering the standard level by which persons are decided as diabetics, the following points were obtained as the result. 1. It is considered that adopting as the judgement level on diabetes the value more than 120 ml/dl in blood taken 2 hours after the loading is most proper for the diagnosis and adopting the value more than 100 mg/dl at hunger brings often too much high detecting rate for diabetics. 2. The classified diabetes are type Ⅲ, Ⅴ, Ⅰ and Ⅳ in the descending order of numerousness and other types were not discovered almost utterly. 3. Looking on ages, diabetics who are more than 50 ages have often the constant type diabetes being settled to type Ⅰ. 4. Type Ⅰ diabetes among the constant types diabetes can be supposed of being improved by investigating the increase and decrease to and from type Ⅰ. And the tendency of improvement was noticed in the mass of cases examined.