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糖尿病の集団検診と発見患者の家系調査 第1報 尿糖の酵素学的定量試験法について,特にGlucostatとTes-Tape法との比較

Okuma, Yoshifumi
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Comparing the quantitative value by glucostat method with that by tes-tape method on the occasion of mass examination for diabetics, the following results were obtained. 1. Both values obtained respectively by glucostat and tes-tape correspond rather well, and so it is considered that tes-tape is available for detecting sucrose material on the mass examination. 2. The upper ground value of the group of normal persons is 0.077mg/ml and the value of the person whose urine is quasipositive to sugar is about 0.121±0.12, and so we must consider over the persons of quasipositive reaction under the condition of that they are not normal.