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キノリン誘導体の骨髄造血機能に及ぼす影響に関する研究 第4編 臨床投与におけるクロロキンの造血機能に及ぼす影響

Hayashi, Nobuhiro
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Chloroquine diphosphate was administered orally to 50 patients with bronchial asthma for approximately one year and intravenously to 25 patients with bronchial asthma or cancer for a month. Hematologic studies were made on peripheral blood and bone marrow during the course of treatment. The results obtained indicated that the drug exerted no consistent inhibitory effects on any of the erythropoietic, leukopoietic and thrombopoietic series. It is considered, therefore, that in the usual dose range employed the drug can be administered without adverse effects on human bone marrow at least for one year.