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高原氏病に出現する口腔壊疽についての実験的研究 第2編 無カタラース血液症血液および正常人血液に対する過酸化水素産生菌の作用

Mitani, Yasuo
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As described in Part 1, by injecting Diplococcus pneumoniae which generates hydrogen peroxide under the mucous membrane of the palate of duck, there appeared pathological changes in duck palate resembling macroscopically and microscopically the findings observed in acatalasemia cases. Being without definite conclusion on the point of action mechanism of hydrogen peroxide, it was assumed that the changes in duck palate were caused by hydrogen peroxide generated by the cocci. To illustrate the point of action mechanism of hydrogen peroxide and the etiology of Takahara's disease the degradation of oxyhemoglobin and the methemoglobin-formation in culture of these cocci supplemented with duck blood, rabbit blood, acatalasemic blood or normal human blood were investigated by the following methods in each chapter.