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放射線による白血病の発生におけるウイルスの役割に関する研究 第Ⅱ編 X線誘発RFマウス白血病におけるウイルス粒子の電子顕微鏡的証明

Okada, Naoko
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Electromicroscopic studies on the lymph nodes of RF mice with X-ray induced leukemia revealed in intercellular spaces round virus particles, 100 mμ in average diameter, each consisting of an outer membrane and a nucleoid body. They belong to C type virus particles according to the classification of oncogenic viruses by Bernhard, et al or Hiraki, et al. The virus particles showed an identical morphology and process of formation with those of spontaneous leukemic virus. This present report combined with successful implantation of cell-free filtrate from leukemic mice reported in the previous paper gives firmer ground to the idea that inactive virus latent in normal RF mice through vertical transmission was activated by X-ray to act on normal cells to transform into leukemic cells.