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岡山県下一病院で観察した腹部症状を伴う脳脊髄炎症について 第二報 薬物治療,特にビタミンB1,B6,B12複合剤の効果

Takaki, Shin
Hirota, Shigeru
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Drugs of adrenal corticosteroid and vitamin complex of B1, B6 and B12 were therapeutically administered on 21 cases out of the total 23 cases diagnosed as encephalomyelitis with abdominal disturbances in the Ibara districts from January, 1966 till August, 1967. Complementarily, administrations of antibiotics, ACTH, ATP, thioctic acid, etc. were added. 1. Treatment by adrenal corticosteroid improved both abdominal signs and nervous disorders in 48% of the cases. Such effects were also observed in cases showing recurrence. 2. Administration of vitamine B1, B6 and B12 complex was effective to improve the nervous disorders, such as sensory or locomotor disturbances, in about 30% of the cases, although ineffective on the abdominal, signs. The therapeutical effect of the vitamine complex, therefore, was lower than that of corticosteroid. However, in some cases showing no effect by corticosteroid treatment, symptoms were improved by administration of the vitamin complex. The complex was ineffective on cases showing recurrence.