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DAB原発肝癌におけるホスファチジン酸の代謝について 第2編 ホスファチジン酸代謝に際して遊離される無機燐の主要リン脂質への分布について

Yoshikawa, Satoshi
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Male Donryu rats were fed with 3 methyl diaminoazobenzen (DAB). The liver was homogenized and incubated with (32)P. phosphatidic acid at 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 th day. The distributions of (32)P freed from phosphatidic acid by phosphatidic acid phosphatase were studied on lysolecithin, sphingomyelin, phosphatidylcholin and phosphatidylethanolamin. The distribution for lysolecithin and sphingomyelin were no differences between normal and DAB-feeding rat liver. The distribution for phosphatidylcholin was elevated at 80 th day of DAB-feeding rat liver than the normal one, and the distribution for phosphatidyl ethanolamin was bighn in DAB-feeding rat liver then the normal one at 20 th day, but on the controry, it was changed at 40 and 60 th day, and increased in normal than in DAB-feeding rat liver.