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X線照射後家兎肝不飽和脂肪酸の抗癌作用 第1編 DBA系マウス腹水型白血病株について

Watanabe, Terutugu
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Aanti-tumor activity of OX substance, an unsaturated fatty acid extracted from rabbit liver 24 hours after 3,000γ irradiation, was studied in lymphatic asites leukemia in methyl cholanthren induced DBA mice. OX substance was administered intravenoulsy from the tail vein of mice. Red blood cell and white blood cell count of the peripheral blood, character of ascites and morphalogical changes of ascites cells, pathalogical findings of the visceral organs, body weight and survival period of mice were observed and following results were obtained. 1) Administration of OX substance gave arise prevention of anemia and suppression of development of leukemia in DBA mice with ascites leukemia. 2) OX substance gave no influence to changes of the body weight of DBA mice with acites leukemia. 3) Life span of DBA mice was remarkably prolonged by OX substance administration. 4) OX substance inhibited the infiltration of leukemia cells in the lung, liver, spleen and other organs of DBA mice. 5) OX substznce schowed the strong cytotoxic effect on the ascites leukemia cells in DBA mice.