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胃炎および胃潰瘍の組織化学的研究 第1編 水解酵素について

Takemoto, Shigeru
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Using the human stomach tissues resected at the operation for gastric ulcer and gastritis, histochemical studies were carried on five kinds of hydrolysates such as AlP, AcP, beta-Est, AmP and beta-Gl and the following results were obtained. 1. In gastritis the AlP activity in vascular endothelial cells has been observed even in those of the capillary blood vessels of the stomach mucosa. 2. In the case of atrophic gastritis the activity of AcP, beta-Est and beta-Gl are somewhat decreased, while there can be seen no activity of AlP nor of AmP. 3. In hypertrophic gastritis the activity of AcP, beta-Est and beta-Gl in the stomach mucosa is slightly elevated, but there can be observed no activity of AlP and AmP. 4. While there can be observed a marked activity of AlP in the neoplasm at the fundus of gastric ulcer, the activity decreases as there occurs hyaline degeneration, and the regenerated blood capillary vessels in this regenerated area run perpendicularly to the ulcer base. In the stained specimens of these tissues from such a region there can be detected a slight activity of AcP and beta-Gl, but no activity of beta-Est, while that of AmP can be seen occasionally. 5. In the regenerated mucosal gland ducts in the peripheral area of ulcer the activity of AcP, beta-Est and beta-Gl is found to have increased. 6. In the case where the tissue has fallen into a degenerated necrotic state the activity of everyone of these hydrolysates is increased. 7. In the area of intestinal metaplasia, all these enzymes show strong activity, resem-bling that in the villi of duodenum. 8. In those smooth muscles adjacent to inflammatory region, the activity of beta-Est is specifically increased. 9. The activity of AcP and beta-Gl of the epithelial cells in the area with marked cell infiltration is higher than in those epithelial cells located in other regions.