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Ogura, Yoshio
Koyama, Takashi
Hori, Fumio
Sumida, Shozo
Mitani, Yasuo
Kuroda, Yasuo
Ohkura, Koji
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An expedition was performed on Miyako Is., Ryukyu, carrying out medical examinations on school-children in May and June, 1965. The investigations consisted of screening tests for acatalasemic gene carriers and ENT examinations. Results obtained are as follows: 1. ENT examinations; morbidity to ear diseases of Miyako children was higher than that of Japan proper. On the contrary morbidity to nose and throat diseases of Miyako was lower than Japan Proper. 2. Screening tests; only one hypocatalasemic boy was found out among 10, 083 children examined. Then emergence of hypocatalasemia on Miyako Is. was 0.01%, one tenth of already known Japanese mean value.