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Omoto, Takechiyo
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Experimental diapedetic hemorrhage was produced in rabbits and the fine structures of mesenterial microvessels were observed. On extracorporeal bypass with hypothermia, induced hypocalcemic state and fibrinolysis, diapedesis of erythrocytes was observed in the venular side of microcirculation (postcapillary venule, capillary-venule junction and venule). On the contrary, no diapidesis was observed in true capillary and arteriolar side. Sticking of blood cells to venular wall prior to diapedesis was proved, electron microscopically, to be the state in which red blood cells trapped in the gaps on the endohelial junction. It was considered to be the morphological findings of the prediapedetic state. Erythrocytes passed through gaps on the endothelial junctions with their high plasticities under any diapedetic conditions metioned above. In auther's experiments, erythrocytes were observed intravascularly and extravascularly, but no erythrocyte was observed just passing through the basement membrane under both light and electron microscopy, probably because of its high speed process.
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