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運動負荷と放射線感受性 第2編 照射直前の電撃痙攣が放射線感受性におよぼす影響に関する実験的研究

Hirota, Shigeru
Strong A and C57-Black mice were given electroshock seizure immediately before the irradiaton and the effect of muscular convulsion against radiation injuries was investigated with reference to the concentration of lactic acid in blood. On the other hand the variation of the radiation sensitivity among the irradiated controls which were irradiated at different time was examined. The results were as follows: 1) It was observed that electroshock seizure had no protective effects against radiadiation injuries, even though it caused extremely high blood lactic acid content. 2) The change of radiation sensitivity was not observed by means of repeating electroshock prior to irradiation. 3) Same strain mice sometimes showed significant difference of radiation sensitivity when the time of X-ray irradiation was differed. So it was confirmed that experimenal group and irradiated control should be irradiated at the same time
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