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NishishitaI, Soichi
Hiraki, Yoshio
Sugita, Katuhiko
Effect on serum protein in rabbit irradiated the whole body and the woman irradiated the breast were studied by the paper electrophoretic technique. The rabbits irradiated with X-rays were divided into 2 groups. The first group was irradiated daily with 300 R of X rays for 10 days. The second group was irradiated with 3000 R at a time. The woman group was irradiated daily wtih 300 R of X-rays for 10 days. Data obtained from the present study are summarized as follows: 1) It was found that slight decreases of alubumin fraction and A/G ratio were observed in each group after X-rays irradiation. 2) There were significiant increases of α2- and β-globulin fractions. 3) Abrupt increases of β-lipoprotein fraction and β/α ratio were also observed in the same each group after irradiation