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軟結合性鉄コロイドによる網内系機能に関する研究 第4編 グリチルリチン鉄コロイドによる胃癌患者の網内系機能に関する研究

Fujii, Hiroshi
Glycyl-lycine iron colloid prepared by the author has been demonstrated to be an excellent colloid by its chemical properties for the use in examining the function of human reticuloendothlial system as well as that in experimental animals. The present communication deals briefly with the results of the study on the tumor-host relationship in gastric cancer patient by means of this loose-binding iron colloid. 1. Differing from the results obtained by the methods previously used, the study by this method has shown that generally the phagocytotic ability and utilization potential of the reticulo-endothelial system in gastric cancer are in an accelerated state in most of the cases and althongh in some of those at terminal stage these are inhibited, even so there are others who show accelerated conditions. However, in those at the stage of IV who received anticancer treatment, some show less utilization ability suggestive of adverse effect. 2. On observing the reticulo-endothelial function coupled with the blood precipitation values by means of this method, there is none at all who reveals normal range in both of these values even in cancer of early stage, always demonstrating abnormal values in either one of the two. Those who show abnormal values in both are the ones who have progressed to the stage III or IV. 3. In the study on the degree of cell infiltration in gastric cancer those with circumscribed cancer have been shown definitely to reveal that both the phagocytotic phase and utilization phase are either normal or accelerated, and at least there is none who shows inhibition of either of the two. 4. Histological study on the interstitial reaction of the tissue at the site of gastric cancer indicates that along with advance of cancer lymphoplasmocytic reactions and fibrous reaction are in negative mutual relationship, but the degrees of these interstitial reactions do not have any significant correlation to the potency of the reaction of systemic reticulo-endothelial system. From these date the author is of the opinion that this method for the examination of the reticulo-endothelial function has opened an entirely new vista of approach.
学位番号 乙第265号