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異種蛋白の消化管吸収に関する免疫血清学的研究 第2編 実験的肝障害時の異種蛋白の消化管吸収について

Takayama, Ariyasu
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This study presented an immunoserological estimate of the intestinal absorption by oral administration of egg-white in experimental rabbits. The results were as follows; 1. By repeated oral administration of egg-white in rabbits, a decreased intestinal absorption of egg-white was presented, On the contraly, the rabbits being injected with CCl(4) intracutaneously an showed slightly an increased intestinal absorption of egg-white. Increased egg-white antigens in peripheral blood was considered to result from the disorder of intestinal absorption activity. 2. There was no close relationship between the circulating antibody to egg-white and a decreased mobility of red cell electrophoresis. This finding suggested that there was few possibility of egg-white antigen-red cell binding in vivo. 3. In the phase contrast-microscopic findings of the liver cell from the rabbits with or without liver damage with CCl after several ingestion of egg-white, changes of liver cell (swelling of cytoplasma and mitochondria etc.) were observed remarkably in the Tyrode solution to which the correspondent antibody added beforehand. These findingd was considered to result from the sensitization with egg-white after oral administration of egg-white.