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異種蛋白の消化管吸収に関する免疫血清学的研究 第1編 肝疾患における異種蛋白の消化管吸収について

Takayama, Ariyasu
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This work dealed with the intestinal absorption after oral administration of food proteins (Cow's milk, egg-white, beef and chicken) in cases with liver diaeaaes. The results were as follows: 1. Sere from cases with the liver function disorder were largely positive in circulating antibodies to food proteins, since in the majority of cases with the compensated liver function circulating antibodies to food proteins were almost negative. These cases with positive food protein antibodies showed no allergic gastroenteropathia. 2. Cases with circulating antibodies to food proteins represented predominatly with drug hypersensitivities, urticaria, contact dermatitis and bronchial asthma. 3. There was no close relationship between circulating antibodies and skin test reactions to food proteins. 4. In cases with positive circulating antibodies to food proteins the possibility of red cell-food protein allergen compound formation was not recoginized by using red cell electrophoresis.