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精神・神経症状を呈したLupus Erythematosus disseminatusの2例

Yokoyama, Shigeo
Hosokawa, Kiyoshi
Matsuda, Kiyoshi
Mii, Takashi
Edamatsu, Kazuyasu
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This communication deals with two cases of lupus erythemetosus disseminatus who presented psychic and neurotic symptoms. We treated them with adrenocorticosteroid hormone and found that the neuro-psychic symptoms were alleviated in parallel with the improvement of somatic conditions. Case 1, 22-year old female: On the basis of the findings of cerebro-spinal fluid and those of fundus of the eye we judged the case to be of a primary injury on the central nervous system with circulatory disturbances brought about by inflammatory mechanism. Her principal psychic symptoms were anxiety, excitation and amnesia accompanied with clouding of consciousness and change in her personality. Case 2, 28-year old female: This was a typically acute, extrinsic inflammatory type, whose main psychic symptoms were consisted of clouding of consciousness, illusion and hallucination. The report was made about the course taken by these cases, and some considerations were given on available literature.