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肺結核における肝機能障害に関する研究 第1編 換気機能障害と肝機能障害の関係について

Miyashita, Tomoyoshi
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For the purpose to clarify the influence of respiratory disturbance of the lung in tuberculosis upon the liver, pathological conditions, principally abnormality in the respiratory function of the tuberculous lung, were compared with liver function, selecting 52 cases of lung tuberculosis as the subjects of the study, whose symptoms were relatively steady and without any complication. The degree of the lung function was determined by percent vital capacity. For the examination of the liver function, Gros reaction, Takata's reaction, CCF, TTT. icterus index of Meulengracht, and BSP were undertaken. In the examinations of liver function, thc results of Gros reaction, Takata's reaction, CCF, and BSP tended to parallel with the severity of lung tuberculosis, but those of TTT did not reveal any definite relationship, and the icterus index showed only a slight rise in the cases with lung cavitation. As for the relation between the percent vital capacity and the liver function, with an exception of TTT, stoichiometrically there was a significant mutual relation among Gros reaction, Takata's reaction. CCF, icterus index, and BSP, suggesting that the respiratory abnormality of the lung has a great influence upon the liver function.