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Takahara, Shigeo
Ogura, Yoshio
Okazaki, Hideo
Yasuhara, Kozo
Sadamoto, Masanori
Ohshima, Akio
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The authors reported the results of the field survey and family follow-up of acatalasemia and hypocatalasemia during the year of 1964. Among 2,964 individuals submitted to the screening test for the purpose of detecting acatalasemic gene carriers in various parts of Japan, two proved to be hypocatalasemia. On examination of the remaining 34 members of two acatalasemic families, there were one case of acatalasemia and 11 of hypocatalasemia in addition to the formerly known cases. Consequently, the total of reported acatalasemic cases amounted to 80 cases of 37 families by the end of 1964.