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脳神経細胞の機能とリボ核酸との関係に就いて 第2編 廿日ネズミの脳RNAと脳運動機能の関連に就いて

Hamada, Hisao
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In a previous paper it was revealed that either the injection of RNase directly into the cerebral tissue or into liquor by cisternal puucture caused similar changes on tbe reduction of RNA level of the cerebral ganglion cells in the brain of guinea pigs, and the behavioral changes of the animals. It was thought that the same method might also be applicable to the mouse in which further paychological and behavioral analysis are more readily accomplished. In the present experiment RNase was injected directly into cerebral tissue of the mouse and the motor function of the mouse brain was analyzed. As the result it was found that on the injection of 0.05ml of 1% RNase directly into the cerebral tissue of the mouse, severe motor disturbance was induced, and in addition, the degree of the functional disturbance paralleled with the decreased leve of RNA on the cerebral ganglion cells.