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Matsuura, Umeharu
Yasuhara, Goro
Sato, Minoru
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The first description of the Tietze's disease was given in 1921 by Tietze himself. His presentation was based on a study of four personally observed patients, having a painful, non-suppurative swelling at the sternal end of the ribs. We don't have had the favorable treatment, including the surgical resection of ribs and deep x-ray therapy, however. Recently we had six cases with this syndrom in our department and gave the Hydrocortisone 25 to 50 mg or Predonine 5 to 10 mg by local injection, which showed the excellent results. Also preferable were the local anaesthesia with 2% Xylocain prior to steroid-injection and regional cold formentation for one or two days after steroid-injection. We have to differentiate this syndrom from other conditions and believe that this treatment is the first choice because of the simplicity of the procedure.