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ep系マウスのCalcium代謝に関する研究 第3編 ep系マウス脳への(45)Ca移行に及ぼす薬物の影響

Kakuda, Masayoshi
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Two groups of the ep-mouse and normal mouse were subjected to intraperitoneal injection of (45)Ca, and simultaneous injections of ethylalcohol, histamine, Kallikrein, vitamin E or benzylimidazoline. Then, 6 hours after the administration, (45)Ca concentration incorporated in brain and liver was investigated. The results were as following; 1) (45)Ca concentration incorporated in brain was moderately increased, with administration of these, especially with Kallikrein and benzylimidazoline. 2) (45)Ca concentration incorporated in liver was remarkably increased with administration of ethylacohol, vitamin E, and remarkably with histamine, Kallikrein, benzylimidazoline. 3) With regard to increment in the ratio of (45)Ca incorporation into brain and liver after administration of peripheral vasodilatation on circulatory accelerator, significant difference was hardly recognized between ep-mouse and normal mouse.