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脳のglutamic decarboxylaseに関する研究 第1編 (14)C-glutamic acidを使用するglutamic decarboxylase活性の新測定法について

Kondo, Osamu
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1. A new method of determining the glutamic decarboxylase activity of the brain with the use of glutamic acid-1-(14)C has been devised by the author and its feasibility is discussed from various angles. 2. The erro in the determination of radioactivity of the experimental materials by this method is extremely small. 3. It is thought that there occurs no accumulation of (14)CO(2) during the determination of radioactivity by this method. 4. Since the self absorption by the material during the determination of its radioactivity is considerably high, a care should be excercised on a proper thickness of the material. 5. The incubation should be carried out under anaerobic condition in the experiment by this method. 6. The optimal pH for the system of this experiment is 6.6. 7. The amount of the substrate to be added to the system should be 5mg. 8. The incubation period of this experiment is set at two hours. 9. By applying this method on rabbit organs it has been proven that the activity of glutamic decarboxylase can be determined.