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骨骼筋随意收縮の調節に関する誘発筋電図的研究 第3編 病的状態におけるH波振巾の動搖性

Numoto, Ikuo
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The H-reflex was studied on 27 cases of Parkinsonism, including 8 cases of hemiparkinsonism. 1. The fluctuation of H-reflex amplitude was more unstable on the parkinsonism, comparing with normal subject. 2. On the hemiparkinsonism, the fluctuation of H-reflex amplitude in nonaffected side showed interest character. The fluctuation was in the normal level at tremor-rest stadium in the affected side, abnormally increased level at tremor stadium in the affected side. 3. The fluctuation of H-reflex amplitude was considered to be influenced by the descending impulses from the higher level of the central nervous system at the time of tremor.