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ホルモン失調性胃潰瘍の実験的研究 第2編 ホルモン失調性胃潰瘍と組織水分及び塩類代謝との関係

Kondo, Hidemi
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In this part, the changes in the concentration of water, sodium and potassium in the wall of the fore-stomach, glandular stomach, intestine and muscle of the rat, treated in the same manner as stated in the Part 1, were determined. And the relationship between these changes and the ulceration of the glandular stomach was studied. Water content in the every tissue of the rat, in either non-treated or treated by physiologic saline solution after adrenalectomy, was increased, but not in the rat treated by the other agents. And it was recognized that the ulceration and the change of water content in the gastric wall were not intimately corelated. The changes of sodium and potassium contents in these digestive organ were not identiccal, and no regulation was observed there. And it was recognizes that the ulceration and the change of sodium and potassium content in the gastric wall after adrenalectomy were not intimately corelated.