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肝生検に関する研究 第2編 肝臓内Bilifuscin様物質の検出とその本態に関する研究

Ueda, Yutaka
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A cases thought to be a I. N. Dubin & F, B. Johson's constitutional hemolytic icterus, a case with carcinoma of the stomach and a case with posthepatitic syndrome were described in this study. In the latter two cases, brown colored granules in the liver cells were noted. Studying these granules histochemically, in comparison with histochemical features of granules which were considered to bilifuscin or its analogous substance obtained following the administration of blood, verdohemoglobin and biliverdin into the subcutaneous tissues of mouse, these granules were not I. N. Dubin's lipofuscin like pigment but precipitation of bilifuscin in the liver cells stemmed from decomposition of bilirubin as results of abnormal bilirubin metabolism.