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胆嚢症に関する研究 第3編 岡山県日生地方における胆嚢症のX線学的研究

Tanaka, Takashi
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The epidemiology on cholecystopathy prevailing in Hinase District, Okayama Prefecture, was studied statistically, and the following results wera obtained. 1. The highest morbidity of cholecystopathy in Hinase District, Okayama Prefecture, was seen in Kashira Island, 9.5% of the population, and 2.4% in Hinase-cho. 2. The ratio of male and female patients was 1. 3.4, in average, and 1 : 2.36 in Hinase-cho and 1. 6.00 in Kashira Island respectively. Cansaquently higher morbidity in female was noted. 67.2% of these patients were over the age of 40 years. 3. The cholecystopathy cases were dominant in those who were engaging in hard labors such as fishermans, farmers and factory workers. 4. The majority of these cases started to have cholecystopathy at the age of 20 to 40 years, and were detected mostly within 10 years. Frequent exacerbations in these cases were observed during summer until winter, especially in the female cases. 5. It was not clearly understood that the relationship between exacerbations of chlolecystopathy and past histories of ascariasis. No relationship between exacerbation of cholecystopathy and part histories of vomiting of aacaris bodies. 6. In these cases 21.3% of which prefered fatty foods, 13.3% disliked, and the rest of the cases did not care. Most of the cases favered fish meats, but few took abundant vegetables. 7. Observing the hereditary factors in cholelithiasis and cholecystopathy, the morbidities of cholecystopathy in their parents and siblings were 36.9 and 15.9% respectively. These percentages were much higher in comparison with the past reports.