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直腸癌に関する研究 第3編 肛門括約筋機能保存直腸癌根治手術後における括約筋機能に関する研究

Niguma, Bunseki
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BABCOCK-BACON method and invagination method were performed to the radical operation for rectal cancer preserving sphincter function. After the operation sphincter function examined with kimographion and electromyogram. 1) Voluntary contraction relatively early recovevs after the operation. It showed almost the same contraction power after 1 month by invagination method and after 3 months by BABCON-BACON method. 2) The reflectoric contraction and fecal continence after the BABCOCK-BACON operation, recover almost the same as before the operation in 3 or 6 months. 3) From the results in histological studies on retrograde spread mentioned in part 1 and also from the examined results in this part, it could be said that the radical operation preserving sphincter function could be performed to almost all rectal cancers which posses their lower end of tumor beyond the ampullar part without any fear on radicality and postoperative sphincter function.