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根治的胃癌リンパ節廓清手術時における自律神経切断の肝,膵外分泌および消化吸収能におよぼす影響に関する実験的ならびに臨床的研究 第1編 根治的胃癌リンパ節廓清手術時における自律神経切断の胆汁分泌におよぼす影響に関する実験的研究

Yoshimura, Haruo
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The bile secretion after a Radical operation of stomach cancer with complete removal of the regional lymphnodes was studied experimentaly in dogs with following results. 1. Cutting the coeliac nerves or the coeliac and vagus nerves was followed by decrease of secretion of bile and bile acid and absence of the effects of insulin which should promote secretion of bile and bile acid. But 3 months or less after operation these were normally secreted and insulin injection promoted normally the secretion. 2. Cutting autonomic nerves did not affect the volume of bile secretion in response to the soap in the jejunum. 3. It is considered that the humoral mechanism of bile secretion normally exists after cutting autonomic nerves, while the control of these nerves is lost. And the mechanism of nervous control recovers its normal function 3 months at most after the operation.