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職業性アレルギー性皮膚障害に関する研究 第3編 パラフェニーレンヂアミン(para-Phenylendiamine)の感作原性に関する研究

Okazaki, Masaharu
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The sensitization of guinea-pigs with para-phenylendiamine.(1) Sensitization of guinea-pigs with para-phenylendiamine could be obserbed more stronger rather with 1, 000 or 10, 000 times dilution of para-phenylendiamine than 100 times dilution of it. (2) The completely oxidized para-phenylendiamine formed Bandrowski's base, and consequently the sensitization of guinea-pigs disappeared entirely. (3) Para-phenylendiamine showed the strongest hypersensitiveness with the skin of guinea-pigs of ortho, meta and para, three isomers of phenylendiamine. (4) Hypersensitiveness of the skin could not be comfirmed by the ordinary method to judge when allergens and reagents were heterogeneous isomers of phenylendiamine each other. (5) Positive effects of the skin hypersensitiveness were observed on the guinea-pigs sensitized with any one of three isomers of phenylendiamine fifteen minutes after intravenous injection of 8-10cc trypanblue per the guinea-pig's kilogram which should follow immediately the test injection of other kind isomer than the isomer used as the sensitization.