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職業性アレルギー性皮膚障害に関する研究 第1編 ブローム(Bromine)の抗原性並びに感作原性に関する研究

Okazaki, Masaharu
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With bromine the author has experimented allergic dermatitis and the following results have been obtained. (1) It was recognized that bromine easily combined with serum protein to become the brominated serum protein. (2) The serological chemical properties of the brominated proteins were recognized by experiments showing the results of reaction between the brominated human serum antiserum of rabbits, and the brominated egg albumin. (3) Positive effects to induce hypersensitiveness were observed to the skin of the same rabbit immunized by the brominated human serum with the injection 0.2cc of 1:64, 000 dilution of bromine solution. (4) Different antigenicity has been recognized between the brominated human serum and the human serum by "Oudin's serum agar technic". (5) Discharge of the bromine in the urine of guinea-pigs intravenously injected as antigen 1 cc of 1:3 dilution of pure bromine solution or 1 cc of brominated human serum (pure bromine solution 1: human serum 1: phosphate buffer 1) was so slackness that the bromine was demonstrated 85 long days after the injection. (6) Guinea-pigs were used as experimental animals and the sensitization were proved by the methods of intravenous, intracutaneous and subcutaneous injections of bromine solution or brominated human sera, and positive effects of inducing hypersensitiveness of the skin were obtained. The brominated protein has not been recognized different from the bromine solution in their sensitization of guinea-pigs.