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実験的飢餓時における血清蛋白の栄養素投与による変動に関する電気泳動的研究 第II編 完全飢餓5日後, 6日目から単一栄養素投与による血清蛋白の変動に関する電気泳動的研究

Itasaka, Yasuo
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I have conducted an experiment, at the end of being complete hunger, to prolong the living days of rabbits being administrated the mononutrient such as water, glucose, methionine, olive oil, alcohol, as well as vitamin B(1); and then by using Tiselius electrophoretic apparat, examinined those changes that occur to serum protein fraction, the blood changes and etc., by administering mononutrient; by which arrived at the following results. In this chapter I have obtained the almost same result with the first chapter of being incomplete hunger, by administering the mononutrient, and especially, it is effective glucose as well as alcohol to prolong the living days of rabbits in case of administration the mononutrient at the end of being complete hunger.