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実験的過敏症に関する研究 第3編 抗原再注射による免疫家兎血清分屑の変動について

Higashihara, Ryôei
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After injecting egg-white albumin into the rabbit previously immunized with egg-white albumin and drawing the blood periodically, the author studied the changes of serum fractions using Tiselius apparatus for electrophoresis, and obtained the following results. 1. It has been found that γ-globulin rapidly decreases five minutes after the injection of antigen, showing almost the minimum value, and thereafter recovering gradually, it returns to the pre-injection level in one week. 2. Albumin presents a picture diametrically opposite to that of γ-globulin. 3. The changes of α-globulin and β-globulin are fluctuating. 4. The anaphylactic antibody against egg-white albumin is mainly contained in γ-globulin.