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海猽遊離腸管の被働性過敏症に関する研究 第2篇 抗原及び諸種薬物の遊離腸管漿膜面及び粘膜面に対する作用態度

Nasu, Shozo
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In the case of Schulz-Dale reaction, the author reports a new device which enables to put testing material into the inner cavity of the isolated guinea pig intestine. Using this device, the effects of antigen, histamine, acetylcholine, peptone and benadryl upon serous and mucous membrane were examined. The results are as fallows: 1). Compared in using testing material to serous membrance, contraction could be caused to isolated guinea pig intestine by using only a little testing material (The dose of nourishing fluid being 50 ml, 1/101/20 dose in reactive critical dose). 2). The ratio of reactive critical concentration from serous and mucous membrone is: antigen 1:2032 histamine 1:25 acetylcholine 1:50 peptone 1:50 benadryl 1:1000